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The secret to world class healthcare is to never stop improving it.

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    There is nothing holding you back from getting started with Continuous Improvement.
    Contrary to what some people believe, Lean Six Sigma is not some exotic discipline practiced by a handful of business theorists in their ivory tower. In fact, it is applicable within a broad range of industries, including the Healthcare sector.

    The road to achieve Operational Excellence begins with a desire to improve. A desire to achieve tangible results that matter in the long run. This mindset and philosophy of Continuous Improvement is the driving force behind the tools and methods offered within the Lean Six Sigma framework.

    With the Lean Six Sigma Healthcare Pack you will build the perfect foundation with which to start implementing Continuous Improvement in your work environment. The mindset, methods and instruments found within will help you achieve the results that really matter, which is adding value for your patients and delivering the best possible care.


    The Lean Six Sigma for Healthcare Pack contains everything you’ll need to get started with Lean Six Sigma right away.

    Mindset and Structure
    The Healthcare Yellow Belt course will teach you everything you need to know about the mindset and philosophy, and present you with a complete overview of the methods, instruments and main principles of Lean Six Sigma, adjusted for application within the Healthcare sector.

    Effective Workplace Management
    The 5S Management course helps you provide the essential foundation for a culture of Continuous Improvement, and will show you how to eradicate waste and optimize efficiency using this 5-step method.

    Gain insight into your process
    The Value Stream Mapping course will teach you how to map your processes, untangle the mess and restructure for maximum efficiency. This simple yet effective tool is essential to the Lean philosophy and methodology and can be used for any process in any context.

    Structured problem-solving approach
    The A3 Management course will teach a structured problem-solving approach and project method consisting of eight stept, documented entirely on one sheet of A3 paper. The A3 method is generally used to avoid the modern pitfalls of excessive documentation, poor communication and symptom-based problem-solving.

    Together, these online courses offer the ideal combination between philosophy, structure and practical application needed to get started with Lean Six Sigma and process improvement in general.

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    The Lean Six Sigma Healthcare Starterpack is also an ideal way to prepare for one of our Green Belt, Black Belt or Lean Practitioner courses. The knowledge and practical insights you’ve gained from the Starterpack will give you a headstart during any the classroom courses. After all, you are no stranger to the course content, and will have the home advantage in the world of Continuous Improvement.

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