Why we can all use Lean Six Sigma

When I teach Lean Six Sigma, I often hear people say: ‘’I haven’t used statistics or stats in a long time! Is Lean Six Sigma doable for me?’’ So, why use statistics in Lean Six Sigma? Lean Six Sigma is about continuously improving, so you need to know how good or how bad you are. For this, […]

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Lean Six Sigma: What’s in it for you?

Constant changing requires structure which Lean Six Sigma can provide to you. It’s a framework to deal with changes. Changes in the behaviour of your competitors and the requirements of your customers. More information about Lean Six Sigma: What is Lean Six Sigma?

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The Parcel Parable

Lean Six Sigma: Methodology or Mindset? I often hear it said that Lean Six Sigma is nothing more than a process improvement methodology, aimed at increasing productivity and decreasing variation and waste. There is of course some truth to this statement, as it’s one that not even the most rebellious Lean Six Sigmanian could entirely […]

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