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Why do the Yellow Belt course?

If you are looking for a comprehensive and thorough overview of the Lean Six Sigma structure and methodology, this is the course for you. You will learn how to think like a Lean Six Sigma professional, utilising the mindset and philosophy of Continuous Improvement to identify improvement potential wherever you go. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of Lean Six Sigma as a methodology and grasp how its methods, tools, and mindset interconnect.

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  • Self paced
  • Certification

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Course information

About the Yellow Belt training

Within this online Yellow Belt course, you’ll explore 22 comprehensive lessons that delve into the roots, philosophy, strategies, tools, and framework of Lean Six Sigma. Throughout the course, you’ll grasp essential concepts like Customer Value, Flow, and the essence of a Six Sigma process.

Each lesson offers a diverse blend of videos, textual excerpts, defined learning goals, concise summaries, enriching infographics, and real-world case studies. To reinforce your grasp of the material, every lesson concludes with a quiz designed to assess your comprehension and knowledge of the course material.

Course options

Delivery methods

Online self-paced

The self-paced online Yellow Belt course includes various ways of studying and grants access to the training for up to 2 years. Certification and re-taking the final exam are included in the costs. The course will be hosted on the platform of our sister company TPC.

In-Company (Instructor led)

Alternatively, there is the option to undertake the Yellow Belt as an in-company course. This is the best choice if you are looking to train an entire team, fostering a shared understanding of Lean Six Sigma within the team and implementing continuous improvement on your work floor by having our instructor provide the course onsite or online.

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Getting certified

The value of your certificate

Successfully completing one of our trainings is awarded with an internationally recognized certificate. But what exactly determines the worth of a certificate? We explain why a certificate from The Lean Six Sigma Company is of a higher standard than others on the value of your certificate page

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Course prices

Online self-paced course

The price of our online Yellow Belt course is £258. The easiest way to purchase the Yellow Belt is through the TPC platform. This way, you will pay directly and gain immediate access to your course. Another option is for us to send you an invoice. Once the invoice is paid, you will receive your access code and login instructions.

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In-Company course (Instructor led)

Please contact us for more information regarding our In-Company pricing.

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White Belt

Lean Six Sigma White Belt training

The White Belt training is a fast, free and easy way of finding out what next step in Lean Six Sigma is best suited to your needs. Explore the basics of Lean Six Sigma, find out which roles you can pursue and learn what the benefits are. All in less than 1 hour, presented by one of our Master Black Belts.

  • Discover Lean Six Sigma in less than 60 mins.
  • See which roles are available
  • Find out which course is best for you
  • Presented by our Master Black Belts
  • No waiting, no payments needed

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I do a Yellow Belt course?

Completing our Yellow Belt course is both a fast and relatively simple way of getting up to speed on Lean Six Sigma. The course teaches you about most of the techniques that you may come across as someone who is involved with Lean Six Sigma project (but not necessarily leads or participates in them)

This makes it a suitable course for team members who are looking to be well-informed about projects, but also for managers and team leads who might have to direct people who do lead projects. When people start talking about wanting to carry out a Kaizen Event or Value Stream Mapping session, you will know how much time it can take and what to expect instead of going into it blindly or refusing to commit time to it because the benefits aren’t known to you.

Is this a course intended only for beginners?

The Yellow Belt course is not intended for beginners only, the course deals with the same types of complex tools that Black Belts and Lean Leaders employ as well. The difference is the usage of statistical tools such as Minitab, and such things as knowledge of the DMAIC project structure, amongst other things.

Where other courses explore project management tools in-depth, the Yellow Belt focuses on the most commonly used tools. If you do not intend to personally lead a Lean Six Sigma project yourself, the Yellow Belt is a much better choice for you than a Black Belt for example. This also makes it a good crash course for those who quickly want to acquire knowledge of Lean Six Sigma and a certificate that acts as proof of their understanding, or for those who want to manage a team working with Lean Six Sigma.

Can I enroll and join a course without any prior experience or knowledge of Lean Six Sigma?

Every course we provide assumes our students start the training without any understanding of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. It starts with the fundamentals and explains every topic that is mentioned without assuming prior experience. During the course, you will carry out simulations and exercises to help you develop your knowledge. If you choose to carry out a project as part of your course, you will be coached and assisted by one of the (Master) Black Belts of The Lean Six Sigma Company to help you get started.


Is a Lean or Lean Six Sigma course relevant to my career phase?

Lean and Lean Six Sigma are methodologies that one can start using during any career phase, and this course is the ideal starting point. Even as a beginner, your work can add tremendous value. Either methodology can serve as an addition to your current work, replacing a part of your existing responsibilities. Or it can become a new full-time career, depending on the course you choose.

What is the right course for me?

This depends on your goals and what you intend to achieve. If you would prefer to employ Lean Six Sigma on a part-time basis, for example alongside of other work, the Green Belt course would be the best choice. If it’s your aim to work with Continuous Improvement and Lean Six Sigma on a full-time basis, then the Black Belt course would be the right pick. The same applies to Lean and our Lean Practitioner and Lean Leader courses, respectively.

Want more information?

Perhaps you are still in doubt which course is the right choice for you, or whether you should choose Lean or Lean Six Sigma? Please do not hesitate to contact us through our contact (door naar contactpagina). It would be our pleasure to be of service.

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