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Lean Six Sigma at its core is a methodology of continuous improvement aimed at increasing productivity, customer satisfaction and lowering operational costs.

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Imagine an organisation in which the discussion of workprocess inefficiencies is a daily routine. And where employees possess valuable skills. Such as having the necessary tools and competencies to resolve issues individually. Or possess the necessary skills to analyze even the most complex issues a process can suffer from, and are able to offer data-driven suggestions. Now imagine what the effect would be on organisational results? Or even the office atmosphere, customer satisfaction and for the management.

All this imaginary organisation has, is a working quality system. Not just an ISO-certification, or a single department responsible for quality. But a working quality system embraced by its employees. What is necessary to realize this type of system is the desire to change, determination and an investment.
Once realized, the advantages of such a system will become apparent. Employees will communicate at a higher level, come up with ideas to help reduce costs, and offer better customer service.

These same employees habitually share their ideas with each other, with the help of internal specialists in necessary, to strive for higher quality on a daily basis. Department heads will carry the responsbility of of mapping customer processes, and consequently writing Standard Operating Procedures for their employees.

The result is a standardised way of working, reducing unclarity and errors, improving task transparency. Once this is done, another benefit is that these tasks can then be optimized to further increase work efficiency. As a side-effect, other challenges, such as on-boarding new employees, also benefits from this.

Additionally, employees create a common goal by striving for improvements and discussing their ideas daily, strengthening the team spirit and involvement. Employees thrive and are able to resolve small issues personally. Essentially, working for an organisation with such a quality system is more enjoyable and challenging. It’s also essential to recognize the potential career opportunities for employees who prove themselves especially adept at solving process-issues.

The end result is an organisation which operates smoothly and for whom higher customer satisfaction and lower production costs are a daily achievement.

Adopting such a quality system, the risks involved and the necessary investment are topics we would gladly offer consultation on personally.


Lean Six Sigma is a process-improvement methodology aimed at increasing productivity.


Lean Six Sigma is a methodology of improvement aimed at increasing productivity, customer-satisfaction and reducing costs. Let our expertise and knowledge teach you how to implement Lean Six Sigma in in your organisation.

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Since the formation of our company in 2002, we have proudly worked on countless of business projects and have hosted and equal amount of courses. More than 8.000 participants from nations all over the world have been trained in the ways of Lean Six Sigma by us. Additionally, we are equally proud of the results we have achieved with in-company courses. Click here to read more and see some of the organisations we have worked with.

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