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Discover the power of Lean with our comprehensive Lean Thinking programme, available in two formats: a 2-day instructor-led course or a bundle of 8 online courses. This course simplifies complex concepts and equips you with practical problem-solving techniques. Ideal for those who are new to Continuous Improvement or Lean.


Price online bundle

£500 (+VAT)

Price (online) classroom

£700 (+VAT)


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Online self-paced


Start today with your Lean Thinking course using our online self-paced bundle. With eight different modules, you will be able to master the most essential problem-solving techniques.

(Online) classroom


Join one of our (online) instructor-led courses and participate in simulations, discussions, and case studies. In 2 days, you will learn all essential problem-solving techniques.


The perfect start to Continuous Improvement

With new initiatives or endeavours, the toughest challenge often lies in taking the first step. That’s why our Lean Thinking course is designed to provide the perfect entry point, helping you overcome this initial hurdle and begin your journey of Continuous Improvement. After completing this course, you will be equipped with essential Lean problem-solving skills not only to recognise waste but also to resolve it.

You will be astonished by the potential process improvement brings and how you will be able to implement vital improvements using the Lean methodology and tools covered in the course.

Brainstorming during the Lean Thinking class

Benefits of the Lean Thinking course

  • Recognise waste in your processes
  • Learn to apply the Lean tools directly
  • The ideal first step to becoming a Lean expert

  • Structured approach for process improvement
  • Learn modern and future-proof skills
  • Help your team embrace CI

Based on customer reviews, our courses are rated 4.8/5.0 stars
Lean Thinking in production

The benefits of having Lean Thinkers in your organisation

Having Lean Thinkers in your organisation adds significant value by enabling the identification and elimination of waste. They feel responsible for improving their processes and leveraging recognised improvement potential. Lean Thinkers can effectively determine the appropriate next steps to ensure ongoing process enhancement. By aligning them with your Continuous Improvement strategies, they contribute to more efficient processes and increased productivity.

Two options of learning

Choose your learning journey

Instructor-led teaching

Our teaching approach is characterised by its instructor-led format, designed to cater to diverse learning preferences. Central to our educational philosophy is the application of the Lean principles through simulations, offering students a direct insight into the methodology’s efficacy. Education is delivered by seasoned Master Black Belts.

Additionally, our approach fosters peer-to-peer learning and encourages discussions that prompt critical thinking, broadening perspectives on Lean’s application. Furthermore, it provides a platform for networking, allowing students to forge valuable connections throughout their course of study. This holistic approach ensures a well-rounded educational experience, equipping learners with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.



Our e-learning approach combines the expertise of top Master Black Belts, proficiency in knowledge transfer, and a partnership with TPC, an e-learning specialist and platform. Thanks to this formula, we can successfully educate our students and provide them with the essential knowledge and practical skills to enhance their professional development.

The Lean Thinking bundle is a combination of the most essential methods and tools to start improving your processes with Lean. The courses in the Lean Thinking bundle (37 hours of online content) are:

  1. Yellow Belt (8 hours)
  2. 5S management (4 hours)
  3. Stand-up (5 hours)
  4. Kaizen (5 hours)
  5. Value Stream Mapping (3 hours)
  6. Kanban (4 hours)
  7. Poka Yoke (1 hour)
  8. A3 Management (6 hours)

The Yellow Belt course will provide you with an overview of the Lean and (partly) Six Sigma methodology, whereas the other courses are focused on the specific theory and application of the tools or methods.

Each module/course will end with an exam, which will be rewarded with a certificate upon successful completion.


FiNancial details


Training cost

We offer the online Lean Thinking bundle for £500 (+VAT) and the 2-day Lean Thinking course for £700 (+VAT).

After registration, you will be granted access to your learning environment and contacted regarding invoicing. Are you ready to start? Register below for your preferred Lean Thinking course.


£500 (+VAT)

E-learning course


£700 (+VAT)

2-day instructor-led course


No hidden cost

We believe in transparent pricing. There are no surprise charges upon enrolment.

Your course includes:

• All learning materials and resources: Unlock a wealth of knowledge with our comprehensive learning materials and resources. From textbooks to online modules, we provide everything you need to succeed in your educational journey.

• Personal Coaching Included: Every package includes personalized coaching sessions tailored to your needs, because we understand the importance of individualized support on your journey.

• Flexibility to Reschedule: Life happens, and we’re here to accommodate your schedule. Enjoy the flexibility to reschedule sessions as needed, ensuring your learning experience fits seamlessly into your life.

• Direct Access to MyTraining Platform: Upon registration, you’ll gain immediate access to our intuitive MyTraining platform. Start your learning journey right away, with all the resources you need at your fingertips.

• Indefinite Access to MyTraining: Your learning doesn’t have an expiration date. Enjoy unlimited access to MyTraining, allowing you to revisit materials and continue your growth at your own pace

• Classroom Sessions with Added Comforts: For in-person classroom sessions, we go the extra mile. Indulge in complimentary food and beverages, and rest assured with free parking, making your learning experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

In-House training

Looking to upskill your team? We offer significant cost savings for companies that choose to organise our training programs in-house.

Benefits of In-Company Training:

• Cost-Effective: Groups of 7 or more participants receive a discounted rate compared to individual enrolment.

• Customisation: Tailor the course content and delivery to meet your team’s specific needs and goals.

• Convenience: Train your team on-site, minimising disruption and maximising efficiency.

• Team Building: Foster collaboration and shared learning experiences within your workforce.

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Let’s discuss your company’s training requirements and how we can create a customised program that fits your budget.

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Enrolment options


Online Lean Thinking Bundle

Register below for your online Lean Thinking bundle and start today!


2-day Lean Thinking course

Enrol below for our 2-day Lean Thinking course.

The course set-up explained

The six stages to become a Lean Practitioner

Our programme is meticulously crafted to facilitate the application of your newly acquired knowledge and skills in a practical setting. In the featured video, our lead instructor and Master Black Belt, Michel Doppert, elucidates the benefits and expectations of undertaking our Lean Practitioner course. Below, we present the six key stages to evolve into a results-oriented Lean Practitioner.

  • Lifelong access to our LMS

  • Information on your programme

  • Online learning materials

Upon enrolment, you gain access to the MyTraining learning platform. This is where you can find the details on your programme, and where you can track the progress of your learning journey.

From here, you can also access your online learning materials, including a full suite of explanatory videos, digital books, and access to full online courses that go in-depth on a variety of Continuous Improvement subjects.

  • In-depth online courses

  • Learning platform videos

  • Digital books

Throughout your entire journey and beyond, you will have access to our online suite of instructional videos, digital books and several in-depth full courses, found on our separate e-learning platform ‘The Productivity Company’.

These materials are available to you in perpetuity, and they offer you the opportunity to revisit your learning insights at any point in time – whether it is as preparation, a refresher or just to brush up on the finer details of the craft.

  • Theory instruction

  • Case studies

  • Simulations

  • Exercises

  • Peer to peer discussion

  • Continue defining and planning your first project

Your classroom training will walk you through the background, theory and practical aspects of Lean Six Sigma – with a strong emphasis on the latter.

During your classroom training you will not only learn directly from the instructor, but also from the insights and case studies of your peers.

As you progress through this part of the programme, your new insights, and the aid of your instructor will help you formulate and prepare for your first project.

  • Project at your organisation (or third party with consent)

  • 5-6 hours of mentoring and support by your tutor

Much of the work in a project lies in its formulation and planning, which is woven throughout every step of your programme.

After your classroom training, when you are ready, you will set to work on an improvement project directed at achieving actual results for your organisation.

  • Become a certified expert

  • Internationally acknowledged certification

Upon successful completion of your theory exams and your improvement project, you will receive official, internationally recognised certification in your new role.

This certification proves beyond a shadow of doubt that you possess the required competencies according to international Lean Six Sigma quality standards.

  • Access our alumni community

  • Retain access to all materials

  • Continued tutor support

Of course, while your programme may officially end upon certification, your Continuous Improvement journey is never-ending.

Even after certification, you will receive continued support from your instructor, retain access to all learning materials, and gain access to our community of alumni.

At this point you can look back at your programme with pride, and forward to your future with well-earned confidence.


Starting Dates

Starting dates Lean Thinking Classroom course

03 Jun
Online instructor-led

Online instructor-led

Course dates
3 June 2024|4 June 2024

, ,

Course dates

3 June 2024, 4 June 2024


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Demonstrated Mastery

Bundle of certificates

As the Lean Thinking bundle consists of 8 courses, you will be awarded 8 certificates upon successfully completing the exams. These certificates evidence your understanding, knowledge, and skills of the methodology. The certificates you will be awarded are: Yellow Belt, Value Stream Mapping, A3 Management, 5S Management, Stand-up, Kaizen event, Poka Yoke, and Kanban.

Lean Thinking certificate

After successfully completing the Lean Thinking training, you will be awarded the Lean Thinking certificate upon passing the exam. This certificate confirms your successful participation in the training, exercises, and simulations, demonstrating your understanding, knowledge, and skills of the methodology.


Customer reviews


Frequently asked questions

Can I enroll and join a training without any prior experience or knowledge of Lean?

Every training we provide assumes our students start the training without any understanding of the Lean Six Sigma methodology. It starts with the fundamentals and explains every topic that is mentioned without assuming prior experience. During the training, you will carry out simulations and exercises to help you develop your knowledge. If you choose to carry out a project as part of your training, you will be coached and assisted by one of the (Master) Black Belts of The Lean Six Sigma Company to help you get started.

Should I go for a Lean Practitioner or Lean Leader training?

Lean Practitioners have a different role than Lean Leaders. They carry out Lean Initiatives on a constant basis and involve stakeholders in their efforts. Lean Leaders on the other hand possess a wider range of knowledge of Lean, and train employees so they can start using the Lean methodology themselves.

Is a Lean training relevant to my career phase?

Lean is a methodology that one can start using during any career phase and this training is the ideal starting point. Even as a beginner, your work can add tremendous value. Lean can serve as an addition to your current work, replacing a part of your existing responsibilities. Or it can become a new full-time career, depending on the training you choose.

Do you offer any evening- or weekend training?

The Lean Six Sigma Company strives to organize its courses training during normal working hours.

This is a conscious choice in order to avoid interfering with the private lives of our students and to get students used to the idea of working with Lean Six Sigma during typical working hours, and continue this habit once they complete the training.

However, some local exceptions apply. Please reach out to to the helpdesk in your region if you have any questions

Do you offer training in other languages?

More information about our worldwide presence can be found on our theleansixsigmacompany.eu worldmap page, here you will find in which countries we are currently active and offer training.

Want more information?

Perhaps you’re still doubting about which training is the right choice for you, or whether you should choose Lean or Lean Six Sigma. Let us help you with all your questions, in this way, you can always make the right choice. Our friendly helpdesk would love to hear from you

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