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The content of the Master Black Belt programme will elevate your grasp of Lean Six Sigma to the highest level, and awards you with a certificate that proves your expertise. This programme differs from our other courses. Together with one of our Master Black Belts, you take stock of the last remaining gaps in your Lean Six Sigma knowledge and experience. We then create a personalised learning programme for you. With the help of our coach, knowledge of these gaps, and your programme, you then work towards achieving your qualification of Master Black Belt.





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Bespoke group course or coaching by our Master Black Belts, tailored to your workplace.


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A master at work

The role of a Master Black Belt combines Lean Six Sigma with strategy and (programme) management. As a continuous improvement leader, you plot the Continuous Improvement route. Using your expertise, you render advice to the board or deployment manager, acting as senior consultant when new projects need to be aligned with the company vision. Using your prior knowledge of Lean Six Sigma, you select the projects which contribute most to organisational KPI’s, and make sure to avoid the pitfalls that others still have to learn about. When it comes down to it, you know how to manage both change an new projects expectations. In short, a Master Black Belt imposes order and provides a true-north for all other Lean Six Sigma initiatives that follow.

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A high-level sparring partner

As a Master Black Belt, you are invaluable to organisations. Because you know how to clarify necessity through the creation of burning platforms. With all stakeholders aware of the need to improve, the next step is for you to choose the right projects. Every project is aligned with the needs of other leaders in the organisation. You safeguard progress and scope, coaching Black Belts where necessary. All while keeping the management team up-to-date on the most important events and results. It is this central position that makes you such a valuable asset and a driving force behind even the most complex themes and initiatives.

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Custom programme

The agenda of each Master Black Belt student is unique, as the programme is based on your prior experience. Your journey starts with a gap-analysis to reveal which of your Lean Six Sigma abilities requires more development or training. Based on the outcome of this analysis, a personalised agenda will be created for you to help you meet the criteria of the Master Black Belt exam. This includes a number of tollgate reviews and check-in moments, which are scheduled regularly with your trainer to measure your progress. If you are interested in a more personalized advice, for example regarding the duration of your programme or amount of tollgate reviews, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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About the Master Black Belt Programme

The Master Black Belt programme differs from our regular courses; the content of each programme is tailored to suit the individual participant. From the start, it is not just about expanding your Lean Six Sigma insights. It is also about growing your vision as a leader of the methodology. The end-goal of this programme is to offer you everything you need to start as a true Lean Six Sigma leader. However, the steps to get there depend on your experience, understanding and the opportunities that present themselves to you.

One of the key aspects of being a Master Black Belt is being able to steer towards the true north and most important goals on the horizon. This requires you to maintain oversight and choose projects carefully, as well as making the reasoning behind your choices apparent. Communication is more important than ever.

This is where our programme plays its part. With the help of your personal Master Black Belt coach, you explore all of these leadership topics that organisations expect an expert change agent to be familiar with.

These topics range from creating high-level roadmaps and managing financial outcomes, to course other Lean Six Sigma professionals. You classes will also include topics like how to influence people positively and act like a leader, because your work will often require strong change management skills and having to garner support for new projects. But rest assured, our coaches will help you with everything. We have trained Master Black Belts from every type of industry and level of expertise, and we know how to get you started, and more importantly, how to help you rise to the top of the Lean Six Sigma echelons.

Getting certified

The value of your certificate

Successfully completing one of our courses is awarded with an internationally recognised certificate. But what exactly determines the worth of a certificate? We explain why a certificate from The Lean Six Sigma Company is of a higher standard than others on the value of your certificate page.

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Lean Six Sigma tasting

Learn how to utilise Lean Six Sigma and which course would be most effective for you. Attend one of our Lean tastings and get all the answers. During the tasting, our (Master) Black Belt trainers will explain the fundamentals of the methodology to you, and how to turn your ideas into results. Let us answer your questions and reveal just how much you could benefit from employing Lean.

  • Bespoke course advice for every student
  • Q&A session about the Lean Six Sigma methodology
  • Discuss project ideas with other attendees
  • Get to know our trainers
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Do you offer any evening or weekend course?

The Lean Six Sigma Company strives to organise its courses course during normal working hours.

This is a conscious choice in order to avoid interfering with the private lives of our students and to get students used to the idea of working with Lean Six Sigma during typical working hours, and continue this habit once they complete the course.

However, some local exceptions apply. Please reach out to to the helpdesk in your region if you have any questions

Do you offer course in other languages?

More information about our worldwide presence can be found on our world map page, here you will find in which countries we are currently active and offer course.

What is the right course for me?

This depends on your goals and what you intend to achieve. If you would prefer to employ Lean Six Sigma on a part-time basis, for example alongside of other work, the Green Belt course would be the best choice. If it is your aim to work with Continuous Improvement and Lean Six Sigma on a full-time basis, then the Black Belt course would be the right pick. The same applies to Lean and our Lean Practitioner and Lean Leader course, respectively.

Want more information?

Perhaps you’re still doubting about which course is the right choice for you, or whether you should choose Lean or Lean Six Sigma. Let us help you with all your questions, in this way, you can always make the right choice. Our friendly help desk would love to hear from you

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