Lean is for everyone!

Lean is not for us, as we really want to provide quality to our clients Some time ago, I needed to undergo major surgery. Most staff will ask what you do professionally (probably to calm your nerves). In a haze of sedation and pain, I mostly answered “…something with Lean and Six Sigma”. It was […]

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Recognising waste can be somewhat of an epiphany.

We all know that feeling, you’ve been doing something for years and it has always felt like a total waste of your time. The task itself is not the waste, it has to happen, but the way we go about it is full of unnecessary inefficiencies. Lean Manufacturing talks about ‘the 7 wastes’. Often referred […]

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Advantages of writemyessayforme.co.uk

Review of writemyessayforme.co.uk The main advantage of writemyessayforme.co.uk is to provide a custom paper for students to improve their academic performance at school. Students will be able to improve their academic performance because the custom writing company provides a paper to fulfill their subject’s requirements ordered by their respective professors. Custom writing company is useful because […]

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How to Introduce a Topic in an Essay

How to Introduce a Topic in an Essay An essay topic introduction is the most important part of the writing, it determines how informed the writer is about the topic as well as creating an impression to the reader setting the mood for reading further as well as whether they will read the essay. An […]

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